Brian reminded me that everything is negotiable. He negotiated the funeral director down from $5880 to $1220. This was neither the time nor the place I would have ever expected to need help. He was able to be my financial representative with the funeral director. He held my guard up when I would have been at their mercy.
John S. - Rifle, CO.

Thank you for leading my family and me through the darkness, as you and Bud have lately.  We had the wind knocked out of us when my mother died so suddenly.  It helped to know that you were there to catch us when we were falling to our knees. 

Elaine C.  

Brian was a calm rational advocate for me. He ran interference and helped me make relatively objective decisions. Through his negotiating skills, he saved me $6,000 over what I was going to pay. I took those savings, and a little more, and paid off my car. This saved me over $300 a month for the next four plus years. 

 Lisa K. 

Brian’s service was invaluable. It was great to know I was being taken care of by someone I trust. I didn’t have to worry about the economics of it (purchasing funeral services.) Planning a funeral is the last thing I wanted to be doing, but it is the first thing that I need to do.
Debbie W.  

I have used the services of Funeral Advocates for my patients as well as family. Each family I have referred has come back to me thanking me profusely. They are compassionate, caring and handle situations when families are the most vulnerable. Their services save families time, money and stress.                                                      

Mary Schowengerdt

Registered Hospice Nurse

Brian is one of the most "connected" people I know - especially in the Catholic community - and one reason for this is his "off-the-chart" interpersonal skills. What Brian does is unique and is a service many folks could use at one of the toughest times in their lives.

Jim Cramer

Partner, Payne & Jones Law Firm

Thank you for all the help and hand-holding that you gave to us during the past few weeks when our heads were not "screwed on straight" due to grief. We felt safe with you and reassured. Simply having your presence at the flower selection, the visitation, graveside service and memorial service was a steady form of reassurance when the rest of my world seemed to be crumbling apart. 

Rebecca S.

After unexpectedly finding my mother passed away in her favorite chair, covered in her warm quilt late one evening, we call Brian seeking direction. He immediately responded with who to contact and what to expect. He guided us through the planning process focusing on a "simple and elegant" celebration of Mom's life with cost efficiencies in mind and handled tedious issues and necessary paperwork. In short, Brian was an angel of mercy.

Mark & Holly G

Not quite a week since Mom's service, I continue to be comforted and inspired by the care and compassion shown to our family by both of you. Brian, it seemed like a long time in the making, but when the time came, you were such a reliable, confident, reassuring and calming support. You handled our family dynamics beautifully. Three daughters with different ways of handling things, and yet it all worked.

Katy M.

We want to thank you again for guiding us through the very difficult process of planning our son's funeral. While we certainly wish there hadn't been a need to meet you, we are so happy we did. You made a horrible time in our life easier to get through, and for that, we will always be grateful. 

Ralph and Linda H.

Brian, words fail me. From the outrageous serendipity of how I came to know you just in time, to the good humor and compassion, and, yes, economy in how you did what was asked of you - you've got a friend here, pal, if you ever need one. 

Mark R.

There are no words to express the comfort you brought to us as a family at a time we were the most vulnerable. Thank you for taking us by the hand and showing us the way. You were guardian angels sent to guide us and make the final journey for Jesse both amazing and bearable. We are forever grateful.

Bea G. & family

Dear Mr. O' Laughlin,

We cannot thank you enough for taking your valuable time to speak to me on behalf of my deceased uncle's funeral situation. Your advocacy skills, efforts and willingness to help our family during these difficult times shall forever be appreciated. The funeral home's upper management agreed to work with us in terms of services and pricing. Without your precious time, and advocacy this would not have occurred. We are now one step closer to begin the healing process...

Best regards,
Thank you!

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Words cannot adequately express to you the gratitude and love I hold in my heart for all you have done for my family. Being there for us from the very beginning and throughout was so reassuring, comforting and wonderful.

March 25, 2018.

As you  well know, when suddenly faced with planning a funeral, it's a little overwhelming. You don't know where to turn, or what to do first. I imagine that's part of why you started Funeral Advocates in the  first place! You were just what we needed, so Thank You for being there for us. I would recommend you highly to anyone!

Robb Edmonds