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Brian O'Laughlin, founder of Funeral Advocates LLC

Planning in advance

We strongly recommend planning ahead whenever possible. Any decisions you can make while not under duress - emotionally or due to time constraints - will be the best decisions for you and your family. Please remember, your choices can always be changed down the road, if need be.

  • Please call us at (913) 341-3313 to set an appointment for a no-cost initial consultation. Bring all contracts you have with any funeral home, cemetery or other funeral service provider. This includes final expense trusts or life insurance contracts.

  • We will discuss your "Wishes and Desires" and review any plans you have already made. Even if you have pre-planned with a funeral home, a second opinion is important. Many of our clients thought they had their plans in order, but their situations had changed - they may have relocated or simply changed their minds. 

  • If we determine Funeral Advocates can be of help to you and your family, we will discuss engaging with each other.

After explaining our engagement process and service fees, we will continue with the following:

  • We will design your personal plan with no pressure to purchase products or services at this time. We believe in preplanning NOT prepaying. (There are very few good reasons to prepay and we will discuss these during our meeting.) Your plan will be thorough and detailed - including all associated costs - so you can communicate it confidently to your family and trusted advisors. 

  • After we make your plan "push-button ready," we'll put it on the shelf and update it every couple of years. 

  • When you or your loved one is nearing death or dies, we immediately will begin executing the plan. We will meet again in our office to coordinate the final details of the services, completing our “At Need Family Check List” to ensure we touch all the bases. As many of our clients say, “During the week of the funeral, you had my back every time I looked around." 

Emergency planning

Unfortunately, preplanning is not always possible. When an unexpected or sudden death occurs, we will "meet you where you are," using our expertise and resources to help alleviate unnecessary anxiety in making arrangements.   

Simply pick up the phone and call us at (913) 341-3313.

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