“Brian’s service was invaluable. It was great to know I was being taken care of by someone I trust. I didn’t have to worry about the economics of it (purchasing funeral services.) Planning a funeral is the last thing you want to be doing but it is the first thing that you need to do.”
Debbie W.  August, 2003

Brian was a calm rational advocate for me. He ran interference and helped me make relatively objective decisions. “Through his negotiating skills, he saved me $6,000 over what I was going to pay. I took those savings, and a little more, and paid off my car. This saved me over $300 a month for the next four plus years.” Lisa K. July, 2002

“Brian reminded me that everything is negotiable. He negotiated the funeral director down from $5880 to $1220. This was neither the time nor the place I would have ever expected to need help. He was able to be my financial representative with the funeral director. He held my guard up when I would have been at their mercy.”
John S.  November, 2002

“I have used the services of Funeral Advocates for my patients as well as a family member.  Each family I have referred to them has come back to me thanking me profusely.  They are compassionate, caring and handle situations when families are the most vulnerable.  I wish someone would have come up with this concept when I first started working with hospice 13 years ago.  Their services save families so much time, money and stress. I think they are amazing and invaluable!”                                                        Mary Schowengerdt, RN Continua Hospice

“Thank you for leading my family and me through the darkness, as you and Bud have lately.  We had the wind knocked out of us when my mother died so suddenly.  It helped to know that you were there to catch us when we were falling to our knees.”  Elaine C.  January 2012