Experience in planning funerals is something that most people do not have the desire or need to cultivate. At the time that most of us need these services we are hurried, uninformed, and greatly stressed. Let us help.

We will appoint a personal advocate to your situation that will act as a negotiating liaison between your family and service providers for funeral needs. Your advocate will meet with you to identify your needs and discuss budget considerations. We will contact service providers to negotiate pricing and scheduling of events.

We are here to ensure that your event expectations are met and that decisions are made in an informed and financially prudent manner. An experienced and compassionate advocate during a time that is already stressful and trying can remove the burden of making some of the emotional and necessary decisions within your pre-stated guidelines.

Shopping for funeral products and services is unlike any other consumer related scenario. Most buyers are inexperienced, rushed, and not in their best negotiation form. The necessary products and services typically come with limited selection and high margins. Your suppliers know that you cannot think about your buying decision for very long and that comparison shopping is virtually nonexistent. Not many of us would make such important decisions under these circumstances but thousands of people do this every day.

Our solution removes a great deal of the hurry and emotion from your planning because we have developed a track record of dealing with providers. We are familiar with the costs and margins of the services that you will need.

Although many of our clients come to us at the time of a death, planning before death can add to your advantage.