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Maria Antonia reports on Walmart and Costco casket sales is “great for consumers” says Brian M. O’Laughlin, Founder of Funeral Advocates. To see this interview, Click Here.

Budget cuts are silencing the traditional live bugle performance of “Taps” at military funerals.  More and more funerals are honored now with pre-recorded performances.  This plus a shortage of available buglers is changing the tradition of military funerals of our most honored veterans.

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Budget Cuts are silencing military funerals

In the new age of digital content (Online books, music, etc.), what rights do you have to leave content you have purchased to your family?  It is a tricky question and one that is not easily answered.

Funeral Advocates recognizes that managing a loved ones “digital footprint” after their passing is becoming more important.  The article linked below is just one facet of managing those issues.


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In the multi-billion dollar “death care” business, emotional decisions can cost you more distress and thousands of dollars.  The story linked here is an in depth investigation of cemeteries and some of their less than ethical business practices.

Funeral Advocates exists to assist you in navigating the process of funerals, burials and cremations and to ensure you are receiving not only the best care for your family but also the services promised you by your chosen providers.

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Many communities are in negotiations to allow the drilling for natural gas and oil under parks, churches, playgrounds and even cemeteries.  Will you consider the position of a cemetery on this issue as part of your funeral planning process?

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A funeral home in South Carolina is now offering a unique service to it’s patrons.

The Robinson Funeral Home in Easley, South Carolina has opened a “coffee corner” in a special wing of the funeral home.

The owner, Chris Robinson, says that it is just one more service for the grief-stricken.

“If this provides them a little escape, gives them a break from the stress they are going through, that’s what its all about — to make them feel a little better,”

The “coffee corner” will serve both patrons of the funeral home as well as the public.  Is this type of service important to you?

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Starbucks in a Funeral Home?